Crafting the image - Wide angle portrait

Environmental Portrait

This is a portrait of my good friend Chris L.  inside the inlet pipe at the Carbide Mill in Gatineau Park. A few weeks ago Chris came up with the idea to hike out to the old chemical mill to take some landscape photos.  The first thing I noticed as we went inside the mill was the giant inlet pipe. I knew I had to convince Chris to climb into it to take a portrait of him before we left, but not until it got dark. It would add some drama to the image. The Mill is located a few km from the Meech Lake parking lot and is an easy hike to get to. 

The photo was shot with a Nikon D700, 16-35mm @16mm, f4, ISO 200, 1/60sec. I used two flashes for this image. I really wanted to show the scale of the pipe and the environment around Chris on this one. My main light was also paired with a Lastolite easy box, the Joe McNally version. This little 25" soft box has a double diffusion and the inside walls are white to further soften the light. The main light was at 1/8th power. My second light was placed on the outside of the inlet pipe and zoomed to 105mm right at the back of Chris. It also had a 1/2 CTB gel over it. The blue back light just seemed like the right fit for the the image.

I should also mention that my white balance was on daylight. The flash setting seemed just a little too warm for the mood of the picture. The speedlights were set off using two PocketWizards PlusX. 

I really like this image of Chris. I think it suits his personality well, always up for an adventure and someone that can always be counted on.