Why Wedding Photography....

Over the last year I've been really struggling to define myself as a photographer. I felt like I was being pulled in all sort of directions and I couldn't really keep up anymore, I didn't know anymore if I wanted to focus on landscape photography, portraits, product ... or any other type of photography. But the truth was that I really do enjoy all of these.

Toronto Wedding Photographer

Early last summer I was asked to photograph a wedding and although I had declined opportunities in the past I decided to give it a go and agreed. It was probably one of the toughest days of work that I had ever experienced but I walked away that night feeling  and happy. It was everything that I ever wanted out of photography. That day I was a portrait photographer, a landscape photographer and most importantly I was documenting someones story. The feeling of being invited into one of the most important days of someones life was surreal and I was incredibly honoured. 

Things started to snowball after that first wedding in June of last year and I ended up photographing numerous other weddings, on my own and as a second shooter. This year is already shaping up to be amazing. I've decided to throw all my energy into this and after all, if my photos can make someone happy, what greater purpose can there be to photography.