How street photography helps me photograph weddings

When it comes to wedding photography I definitely have more of a documentary approach to it. As much as I love to interact with my clients I feel like the best images are the ones that they are not aware that I am taking. This is where true storytelling starts to happen. Moments that are not created by me but that rather happen naturally. This winter I took to the streets and found it incredible how much street photography and wedding photography had in common when approached this way. 

Of course there are times where interacting and posing people helps and adds to the overall story. One of the most common advices we hear when asked how to take better photographs is to "get closer". 

I've always been a sucker for negative space, and at times I do have to remind myself to step in a bit. To get up close. One thing I love about negative space in that it shows scale. It shows the beauty of the landscape around us and how tiny we really are. Although it's become bit of a trend lately, some of my favourite wedding photographs you can barely make out the bride and the groom. They are a mere spec in the surrounding landscape. 

When shooting in a documentary style you have to be ready for the moments because most of the time there won't be a second chance. At the same time you are looking for the good light and thinking about composition so that when the frame presents it's self in front of you are are ready to capture it. Reportage. The equipment often times seems so insignificant in making powerful photographs, however knowing the tools that you do have is a must. Getting the exposure that you want, knowing how a lens will react to a specific light situation ......

I guess what I'm really trying to say here is that street photography is the closest and most fun way that I have found to keep my "eye sharp" over the winter. Just like during weddings, I'm always looking for the good light, composition, and to say something with the images I create. To make the viewer feel an emotional connection. 

I sincerely hope that you liked some of these images. All of the photos were shot in January in Toronto and for all you gear heads out there, all these were shot on film. Either the Mamiya RZ67 or Nikon F100 and a 50mm lens.