Toronto Skyline

Very excited to have one of my Toronto skyline photos featured on the Looks Like Film blog yesterday. The photo was take from Toronto Island, Snake Island to be exact. I had two tries to get this image. The intent was to photograph the skyline just after sunset but without all the city lights. With each exposure being 8+ min long, there literally was only time for two exposures before the lights started to show up. 

 Toronto Skyline

Toronto Skyline

A little technicality on how the image was created. 

The gear used: Nikon D700 with Nikkor 16-35mm f4 G ED VRII. This is one of my favourite landscape lenses ever. I wrote a quick little review a while back here. The other key piece of gear for this shot besides a tripod and cable release was a B+W 10 stop ND filter. This allowed me to slow the exposure to 527 seconds and create the smoothness in the water and the clouds. 

The Editing: I started of in Lightroom. I used a preset from VSCO, film pack 06 ( N-ProviaX+1 ). Whenever I do use a preset it is only as a starting point and this was no exception. I did my own tweaking from there and eventually ended up in photoshop only to remove a few dust spots.

Big thanks to the folks at LooksLikeFim for featuring my photo.